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Dear Advertiser & Patrons of the Arts,

If your business has an advertising placement in one of the many Playbills or programs produced by Performing Ads Company, you are supporting THE ARTS in North Texas.

How great is that!

Performing Ads Company produces the Playbills and programs for the majority of our theatre and venue partners at NO COST. It covers the entire cost of design, layout and printing. This saves the theatre company hundreds of man hours each year, in addition to the hard cost of printing the programs. Our theatre partners are non-profit organizations and our service enables them to allot more money into making their productions better each year.

Be proud that your campaign in the various Arts programs is “Supporting the Arts.”
Performing Ads puts a premium on helping to develop campaigns that are a good investment for your marketing dollars. The performing arts companies and theatres fill their houses with arts patrons that generally are affluent and active consumers; they have a tremendous impact on our economy.

An evening with the Arts might begin with shopping for a new outfit, dinner plans before the engagement, cocktails or desserts after, and perhaps a healthy fee to your babysitter. That is true economic impact.

The 2018-2019 season marks Year 3 of my stewardship of Performing Ads Company. Our business model continues with 100% of our work being performed in North Texas. Design, layout, sales and printing are produced in North Texas. When you place an ad with Performing Ads, 100% of the revenue stays in North Texas.

Last year, we added partners such as the Lone Star Film Festival and expanded our agreement with the TCU College of Fine Arts. This year, I am proud to introduce additional growth with our partnership with Tony Award-winning Dallas Theater Center.

We have planned a unique design for the DTC program in a larger format size. The marketing opportunities in the Dallas area broaden your branding and sales footprint.

I’m thankful for the advertisers, donors and patrons of the ARTS that have supported Performing Ads Company with their placements in Playbills and programs. Performing Ads Company is proud to be a part of the cultural arts community in North Texas, but it’s your support that keeps North Texas the vibrant ARTS region that it is.

Greg Heitzman
Peforming Ads Company
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